Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekly Update

hey everybody its me jasmine =]
unlike alberto my week for school doesnt end until friday
and my work week on sunday haha
school was okay i was really drained
on friday i didnt feel well at all
i worked on saturday and i didnt realized that we get paid every friday instead of bi-weekly lol
uhm i went to a party on saturday it was really fun i havent had that much fun in a while
i worked today 11-4
then i went on an adventure to the fashion show mall with my co-worker star
i bought this really cute betsey johnson wristlet wallet type thing haha
heres a picture of it to the side.
CUTE RIGHT ?!! it like unfolds and stuff so cute i love it . i also bought these hello kitty boxers aha. but on the baking side of life . i havnt really done anything and im pretty sad about that hmm i hope the orders start rolling in soon . i hope you all are having a good week or had one for that matter . bye !

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